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FAPTU' DIVERS - Primul Saptamanal Romanesc din Canada

Dr. Tudor Dabuleanu
Dr. Emilia Nicola
Dr. Mary Dabuleanu 
Dr. Valentin Dabuleanu
- Dental exams to make sure your smile is healthy; - Preventive dentistry so small problems donít become large ones; - Family dental care for patients of all ages from kids to seniors; - Implant dentistry - permanent replacements for a missing tooth or teeth; - Cosmetic dentistry for a more brilliant, youthful looking smile; - Treatment of gum disease - the major cause of tooth loss in adults; - Interceptive Orthodontics; - Crowns  and  bridges - solutions for lost or demaged  teeth NEW:    Digital X-Rays (up to 1/10 the radiation of regular X-Rays
Non - Metal complete mouth restaurations (Bridges, Crowns) Interactive computer based consultations
together with imaging and animation

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